A lesson in perseverance

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Some will, some won’t, so what, stop whining, someone is waiting.

This quote came to mind this week during my 10am appointment.  This client was extremely rude to me on the phone and after I visited with her she calmed down and agreed she needed the information.  When I asked for the appointment she was very busy all day, I agreed to an 11:00 appointment the following Monday.  When I called to verify, she had been ill and didn’t want to see me.  I followed up the following week and after a few lame excuses, I locked down my 10am appointment.  A few minutes into our conversation I realized I had met with this lady 3 times before this about 3 years ago.  I reminded her of this and she immediately remembered me and all three interviews we had.  She could never pull the trigger.  I kept her application on my desk for what seemed like six months and kept following up every month.  I finally threw it in my “maybe” file and moved on.

During our conversation this time she apologized for not purchasing the policy three years ago.  I informed her the decision she made three years ago and the decision she was going to make in the next few minutes did not and would not affect me or her in the least.  These decisions affected the one person she had remaining in her life and that was her son.

I thought back three years ago and remembered my frustration when she would not make a decision after admitting she needed it, then setting another appointment with her son involved to “check me out,” and still wouldn’t commit.  But through it all I continued to hit my production goal every week regardless of the choices she made.

My point of this post is, some will, some won’t, so what, stop whining, someone is waiting.  Your clients don’t hit your goals for your, they don’t pay your bills for you and they certainly do not create your success.  You are responsible for all of the above.  We are in the business of helping people, if one client says no, SWSWSWSWSW…

Good Luck & Great Selling


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