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“I grew up in a funeral home.  My parents divorced when I was about 14 years old or I would be a funeral director today.”
This is a common phrase that use in my sales script. When I inform my clients of this, I become an immediate expert. Although I have not been around the funeral business since 1972.  My point of this post is to help you understand the importance of being the expert in the home when you are selling to your clients.  Most people didn’t up in the funeral business, so the next best thing to do is to educate yourself by setting an appointment with your local funeral director.  I have compiled a list of questions that will help you obtain the education you need to handle most any and every objection you encounter in your sales process.  The questions are here: funeral-home-questions

You should approach your funeral director as an agent in the business of selling final expense life insurance and would like some information.  I suggest you take a $50.00 gift card along from a nice restaurant in your town because you are going to take about two hours of their time.  Go through each question and take great notes.  Ask for a tour of their facility, they love showing it off.

From that time on you can confidently make many statements to help your clients understand you have the knowledge and competence to help them solve their final expense problems.

Good Luck & Great Selling!



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