People That Buy Insurance, Buy Insurance

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After I read the lead card back to my client, my first question is, “do you have any funeral or final expense benefits or life insurance?”  When I was new in the business I would cringe when they would answer, “yes.” My client would start naming all the different policies they have and sometimes would even laugh and state, “we are insurance poor.”  I figured I had just wasted my time and would politely excuse myself and go to the next house.   Then I heard someone say, “people that buy insurance, buy insurance.”  It changed my whole mindset when this situation occurs.  Now when they answer, “yes” I get excited.  It is amazing how many of my clients have current policies or plans,  yet they are interested in purchasing more benefits to protect their family against financial loss at their death.  So the next time your find that your client owns multiple insurance polices, jump in and sell them another one, because people that buy insurance, buy insurance.

Good luck and great selling


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