11-Dion Losole – Famous Family Restaurant Manager to Final Expense Master

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March of 2011, Dion Losole changed the course for the rest of his life.  Tired of being controlled by his job, the long hours and financial hardships were taking a toll on him and his young family.  Their two daughters were growing up fast and he wasn’t around as much as he wanted to be.  Wanting to get out of the “rat race” and take control of his current situation, Dion decided to venture out of his job, as the manager of the family restaurant business his parents had started many years ago, and create a career in the insurance business.

With no prior sales experience or knowledge of the insurance business, he quickly obtained his life insurance license.  Our comprehensive one on one training, leads based marketing, and overall agency support put him on the fast track to success.  Dion made his first sale in April 2011. The success that followed earned him father of the year and a six figure income.  Dion was able to spend more time with his family and have a better quality of life, while helping others with their final expense needs.  His business has grown every year since.

Dion Lives in Omaha, NE with his wife and four children, is an active member of Holy Cross Parish and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Senior Insurance Solutions,LLC.  Most of all, Dion is more active in his children’s lives then anyone could have ever imagined.

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