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Make it Easy!

Now there is a word you don’t hear me use very often in this business. Since 1988, I have never found this business to be easy. My thoughts for this blog came from an advertisement I heard and saw on TV. They were selling Anderson replacement windows and the last statement they made was, “we make window buying easy.” I thought, how we can make buying final expense insurance easy. This is what our clients are looking for, in fact, I feel this is what we are all looking for in life. Think about the times you made a purchase and the salesperson was very intelligent about your needs, concerns and the transaction that occurred. And we can all remember the salesperson that was so full of BS you could smell it. How about the purchase we know we needed, didn’t feel like the salesperson really knew what they were talking about, but since you needed it you purchased it even though the transaction was not easy or enjoyable.

We all know which transaction we want and would do again if needed. We would even tell our friends and family about this process if it ever came up in a conversation. So how do we create this type of buying experience for our clients?

We need to realize this is all a process and it starts with getting in front of people. As I always say, I don’t care how great a presenter you are, if you are not in front of people 15-20 times every week, none of this will work. So lets make it easy for your clients to agree to an appointment and/or let you in the door.

There are many statements we can make to open the doors. We are all afraid of making a mistake that will cost us, our clients are no different. When you are on the phone or at the door, help your client understand that you are wanting to explain the information to them THEY requested and to see if they qualify for these amazing benefits. That is it, period. No cost, no obligation, takes 15-20 minutes.

Now that we are face to face with out client, we need to help them understand we are here to help them solve a guaranteed problem they are going to create and their family has to solve. We need to make this solution so great that the client feels this is the easiest way to solve the problem they have admitted they have and don’t know how to solve.

Our client has now admitted they have a problem and no immediate solution. Realize, they are now getting concerned that you are going to force something on them. We do need to complete an application in order to help our client solve their problem and for us to get paid. How do we do this and keep it easy? This is when I offer an opportunity to, “see if you qualify.” I say, “this process is easy and will cost you nothing, all we need to do is submit an application to see if you qualify. If you are accepted they will send you a policy. When you receive the policy is when you decide if you want to keep the benefits or not, there is no decision needed today and no money due.

If you are accepted and decide to keep the policy, the first premium will be paid by your bank right after Social Security puts your money in your account. If you are not accepted they will send you a letter telling you so. Even if you are accepted and you realize you don’t want these benefits, you may return the policy within 10 days after you receive it and the entire process will be VOID.” Let me get some information from you.

Now that we have gotten this far into the process, make it easy for the client to give you the information you need to complete the transaction. Start with information they will not feel pressured or afraid to give you, for example, full legal name, middle initial, date of birth, state of birth, verify address, phone number, social security number, ask who you want us to pay the money to (beneficiaries), name of your bank where social security puts your money every month, what time of the month does this happen and what is that account number they use? Now I need your autograph several times and we will get this processed to see if you qualify.

Wrap the entire process up by making it very easy for your client to get in contact with you if they have any questions or concerns. I always give them a brochure and two or three business cards and ask them to give one to their children so if they have any questions they can feel free to contact me.

Don’t ask your client to contact the company with questions, they hate the automated phone system as much as you do. Remember, our clients have the same fears and concerns you and I have of getting taken advantage of, make sure they trust you, like you and enjoy doing business with you.

So by doing our job gaining knowledge and information relevant to our client’s concerns and problems we can express to our clients that the transaction we are going to process with them to see if they qualify, requires no obligation, will not cost them anything, requires no physical exam, takes about 15- 20 minutes, is extremely simple and EASY! Get really good at making it easy for your client to take the next step, whatever that may be from setting the appointment to signing the application and giving you their bank information, and everything in between.

Quote from Theodore Isaac Rubin,

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.”

Good Luck & Great Selling


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