Now you start your transition into finding the need!  As you do this, you will continue to build trust by listening to your client.  This is a very important part of this process, LISTEN!

You need to find the problem, create the problem or at least reinforce the problems that our client has informed us they have.  Whatever the situation, you must invest the time required to find out what is going on in your clients mind.  We must take care of this IMPORTANT step completely, before attempting to solve their problem.


Don’t try to sell burial expense benefits to someone who wants life insurance.


What you will learn from this audio presentation:

Problem identification – ask your client what their concerns are.

Discovery – probe by asking open ended questions that demand an answer.

Qualify – which of our programs fits?

Need Acknowledgement – get your client to acknowledge they have a problem.

How and when to use tie-downs.

Building and using your intention statement.


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